W01.E11- Sacrifices

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In case you missed it, you can find W01.E11- Sacrifices:

  • hgnostop

    i think a good option for the Cryo guy is that his cells were affected by the cryo-unfreeze procedure. So he lives double life but the second half as a person who is already 80 years old and grows older!

    • Deems211

      I’m not sure I get where you’re getting at? You mean he lives til about 160? so the last 80 years of his life he’s not very functional?

      • hgnostop


    • Storysmiths

      I think that’s quite clever, seeing as I suggested that in the last episode and got shot down by Mo, AK, and Eugenio 😛
      – Elias

  • Rabieh aschkar

    You guys seem to be doing fine no comments , well done coming out of the mess created by the blood transfusion. Thumbs up. All the best.

    • Storysmiths

      Thanks so much! Looking forward to the final episode and getting started on writing and recording the entire story

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