W01.E10- The Final Return to El Dorado

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In case you missed it, you can find W01.E10- The Final Return to El Dorado:

  • hgnostop

    hey, where’s Mo’s sketches?

  • hgnostop

    no way the jock tribe let cryovillain live like that! they are aggressive! the are bullies! they are like aggressive teenagers – the worst kind of aggressive people! he should been hiding from them! he should had a plan from the beginning. btw, i love his name: Casiah?

    • Deems211

      The cryovillain killed his loyal guy right? so when that happens I doubt the jock tribe would just stand there and watch. If they’re actually teenagers in their minds and he killed their friend i’m expecting rage and all of them to maybe jump on him and beat him down or something….

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