W01.E09- Walkie Talkie, Daddy Love Me

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  • hgnostop

    The cryovillain had a plan executed but he is the leader of the mod jock tribe. What happens when these mods start to die?

    • Deems211

      Aren’t there also some unmods with him now? Zin’s father and the other unmods that hate mods and left Gil’s grandfather’s “tribe” after the shooting?

  • hgnostop

    Zin should be very much hated in the mod tribe. She killed some of their parents and brothers. She is lucky she is alive!

  • hgnostop

    Hey i think when a mod starts caughing that means something serious is going on – these people are not used to any infection

  • RANDA⭐️ LEB.

    Guys!!!! This is interesting!! Loving the virus idea,but I agree with the point that Rabieh Ashkar made.
    I have some less important ideas today… When Zin calls her dad to ask for help for her dying friend,he replies her coldly,”Yes? And? You think I’m going to help??” And when she asks for the walkie-talkie,she describes it as ‘the hand music machine’😊
    That’s all I want to say,plus,that you guys are amazing👍🏻Keep up with the great work!

    • Storysmiths

      Thanks so much for your feedback, and listening. You’re the best!

    • hgnostop

      I think the opposite, everyone has a good side. He could say sthing like “Zin i love you but this is wrong. You should focus on the big picture. We are not mad, we are just trying to save our species!” (well not really the opposite but you got my point 😄)

  • Rabieh aschkar

    Great guys. But one thing is bothering me . We all know spreading a virus is easy, just infected and the rest is done naturally. But the antidote has to be taken indivdually. There are no labs to reproduce the antidote, it’s going to be tough to find a logical solution.
    Take care and keep the good work.

    • https://boardgamegeek.com/user/che2487 che2487

      That is an excellent point, and needs to addressed by the next episode!

    • Deems211

      I had the same concern. This is gonna be a tough one to fix. Maybe put the cure in the water lines as a start?

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