W01.E08- The Battle of El Dorado

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In case you missed it, you can find W01.E08- The Battle of El Dorado here:

  • hgnostop

    Could you please explain the level of violence in this post-apocalyptic society? I had the impression that in all these tribes bullying is equivalent to high-school bullying. Now the carry guns and chop off arms and legs? I wouldn’t argue that they couldn’t but if this is their first time engaging war that could be a very interesting turning point for all participants.

  • hgnostop

    For every army in the world, the usual thing to do after a defeat is to blame somebody.

  • hgnostop

    i don’t know if this is still the case, but i don’t like the virus being spread by “some magical power” to both mods and unmods. This is not a magic world (right?). Please come up with a solution! I can’t 😛

  • RANDA⭐️ LEB.

    Hey guys,I loved loved loved it!!!
    This story is becoming more and more interesting!! I like the idea of the battle in Ikea,but I also like the suggestion given by Rabieh Aschkar about a sports shop!! More access to the scene of the fight… You guys are amazing!!
    And oh… also loved the info on the Beatles😉! Can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Rabieh aschkar

    Hey . I enjoyed your last episode the battle . But I think since you are in a mall by all means there is a sports shop , there you can find a lot of outdoor stuff that can be used obviously to defend themselves, axes, knives, crossbones etc… best of luck to you all.

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