W01.E07- Zin and the Art of Remorse

Welcome to the Taleweaver community!

If this is your first time, immerse yourself in the discussion below. Submit new ideas for characters, plot lines, backstories, lore, any art that the story has inspired you to create, music that you think is cool and matches the mood of the story, and you get the point.

Vote up ideas you think deserve to be part of the lore, and vote down those you’d rather not see as part of it. Most importantly, immerse yourself, have fun, and be nice.

If you’d prefer you can also get involved in the conversation over at our subreddit where we will also be picking the most upvoted comments to become part of the story.

On May 6th 2018 at 11:00am EST, we’ll be taking the most up-voted suggestions from here and from our subreddit and forge them into our shared world during the next recording session. 

In case you missed it, you can find W01.E07- Zin and the Art of Remorse here:

  • RANDA⭐️ LEB.

    I enjoyed it as usual!!! It’s getting more and more intense and interesting. I always imagine,when listening,that this is a movie!! Awesome job,you guys👍🏻 Already can’t wait for the next episode.

    • Storysmiths

      Thank you so much!

  • Rabieh aschkar

    Well done guys. But I prefer the story goes systematically. What I mean let us narrate it as a real time not jumping and coming back it might confuse some. So far so good. Let’s bring the Mod group that parted before and take back the mall.

    • Storysmiths

      Thanks so much. I agree that it can get confusing to keep the timeline in order. Sometimes when writing as a group, things can get our of order. Sometimes it’s necessary to know what you’re working towards to figure out what happens. The timeline will be out this weekend! So good news- you’ll always be able to reference it to keep the timeline on track.

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