The world grew at the feet of the storyteller. History, entertainment, and tales of morality were all wrapped into a few hours of verbal transportation to another world. Storytelling certainly still exists, and in many more forms now than it once did. We are lucky to live in a time when visual storytelling is so accessible and instantaneous. There is something to be said for the verbal tradition however. And there is certainly something to be said for people telling stories together.

The idea of Storysmiths came to us because we would listen continually to wonderful storytelling podcasts and always feel like we had something to contribute. Sometimes it was a small ember of a concept, and other times a fire spirit, fully formed and appearing complete. But we couldn’t find any podcasts where our ideas could become part of the continued narrative. So we set out to create a podcast based on collaborative storytelling, in which we would curate and contribute, but also become part of a community that grows their own tales together.

This is the Storysmiths Podcast, and you are our Taleweavers. Become part of the community, share ideas, up-vote characters, and down-vote lore. It is your contributions and involvement that make Storysmiths worth listening to. Between each bi-weekly episode, we will identify the most up-voted contributions and forge them into the story we’re telling. Every six months, we will move to a new setting, and we will put together the lore of the world we built together, set it in stone, to be passed down at the feet of the next generation of storytellers.



EK Profile Pic.jpgElias grew up in Ghana to the stories of Anansi- the spirit of storytelling in West Africa. It took some time for him to realize that it was this same affection that led him to music, history, and tabletop games. He often has a hard time figuring out obvious things.


akAK is a gamer and aspiring storyteller; faring from the Middle East but influenced by stories that span universes. “1001 nights of stories should be a requirement, not an achievement”.


Mo Profile-cropMoe man (real name much longer than you can imagine) comes from a predominantly oral culture, where the written script only became a necessity in the 20th century. Poems, idioms, metaphors, and stories have been passed down along with ridiculously long names. Unfortunately, all he got was the name, so he’s looking forward to reconnecting with his storytelling roots on this journey.


SK Profile PicSaleh is a digital experience designer and a podcast fanatic, with interests ranging from media and politics to programming and bookbinding. 


Podcast AvatarEugenio was born in Buenos Aires, but raised all over the globe. This TCK spends his non-lawyerly time either immersed in D&D, a heap of sci-fi novels, or getting the stuffing knocked out of him (with consent) on a rugby pitch.





Our theme music is The Great Forest by Visager on the album Songs From an Unmade World and is licensed under Creative Commons

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