Taleweaver Recommendations (W01.E04)

Hello, Taleweavers.

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who listened to the fourth episode of our first world. We are so grateful for the wonderful feedback we got and glad to know that you are enjoying the show so much.

This week, we had tons of feedback on the forum, but three clear suggestions rose to the top:


So hooked! Finally got to catching up with all the episodes and I have some background suggestions. Won’t go into the details but just the bigger ideas…

What if Gil turns out to be the only “illegitimate” child between the modified and the unmodified? And because Gil is a mix between the tribes she gets sick more often than the others in her tribe (remember the mods don’t get sick), and that’s why she kept her hideout (model house) a secret – she didn’t want her tribe to raise questions so she would go there when she was sick. She probably didn’t understand it at that point but knew something was “different” That was her motive for keeping the model house a secret.

So fast forward to this episode, when Gil introduces Enk to the tribe there’s a big blow out, and then Gil gets sick at that point which is when the elder realizes she must not be a full mod… and some conversation happens and Enk is accepted….details can be worked on during the podcast???

Love this! Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

– rarerays



Now we are on the move , cool . I don’t think that Gil with her tender age can represent the tribe she can be with Enk but I am sure there must be an elder with them. Concerning the dangers in the caves nature by itself is enough to discourage intruders. Well done guys it’s getting more interesting

– Rabieh aschkar



The relationship between the to protagonists seems to need something more emotional in my opinion. I would suggest that during the travel to see hanks tribe, some event would make Gil’s tribe be all against Enk, but she would take his side for some reason, going against her own tribe. This would make their connection go above a normal 2 strangers meeting.

– Ricardo Miguens



Congratulations to rarerays, Rabieh aschkar, and Ricardo Miguens for on having their ideas officially upvoted into becoming part of the story. Look out for W01.E05 releasing on March 18th, 2018 to check out how we forged their ideas into our shared world.

For everyone else interested in seeing the full conversation on the forums, you can check it out here!

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