Summary- W01.E04- Taking the Low Road

After being attacked by the ‘jock’ tribe, those members of our protagonist tribe that evaded capture are lead by Gil to her secret safe house. Once there, the tribe members attempt to treat the tribe elder who was hit by a ‘jock’ tribe bean bag shot which has caused some sort of internal injury. The rest of the tribe are in chaos, and deciding where they must go, as they need a place that provides protection from their hostile neighbors. Whilst taking off his clothes to treat the damaged area, the worn and faded ‘El Dorado Visitor’s Pass’ that the elder of the tribe wears around his neck as a sign of his status is placed on the dais. The dais activates and a hologram speaks: “for all your needs, come to El Dorado Mall”. There can be no doubt within our tribe- the oracle spoke when it was needed, and the answer to their problems lies in El Dorado Mall.

The start of the trip is hard with the wounded weighing them down, unable to carry, scavenge or work. Our tribe comes across a rundown farmhouse, with a combine harvester running on renewable energy, continuing to produce food. Some of the tribe members argue that with some work, this could be a place where they could create a home again. The others argue that it is not secure enough against aggressive neighbors, and they should follow the prophecy through and head to El Dorado Mall.

Gil brings Enk- who has been trailing the movement of the refugees- into the conversation. He advises that a small contingent of them stay behind- the strongest and the fastest in order to lead the ‘jock’ tribe away in case they are trailing our refugees. The tribe agrees, and the majority of them continue to push their way towards El Dorado Mall. But days into it, it becomes clear that they might not make it- they are struggling to find enough to eat, and to set up shelter- with their strongest and fastest no longer among them, the wounded not able to help, and their elder incapacitated. The turn back to the farmhouse, and when they arrive, the find a scene of devastation. Their tribe members are nowhere to be found, and the farmhouse has been burned to the ground. The combine harvester is missing. Whilst they try to gather themselves and make a decision of what to do next, they hear in the distance, the combine harvester heading towards them, modified into an armored vehicle, with ‘jock’ tribe members aiming their weapons in their direction. At this point, the road behind them is closed and the only way is forward towards the unknown.

Enk decides that the best thing to do would be to lead them back to wards his Unmodified society where the elders could get more advanced treatment, and they can collect themselves and make a proper decision. Leading them towards a bridge, he finds that it is no longer there- destroyed by his own tribe members when they were attacked by the ‘jock’ tribe. But with their predators closing in on them, they had to keep moving forward. Enk leads them underneath the bridge and through a waterfall where they find the remains of what was once a theme park ride, overrun by nature.

Moving through the tunnels, it has turned in a jungle of greenery and steel. They face many natural dangers, including bats, bears, and hunting packs of dogs and wild cats, as well as cave-ins, and destroyed tracks. When eventually they make it through, they walk out into an urban area where they are greeted by the modified border defense, who take them captive until they understand who they are dealing with. Enk is taken to speak to their senate about why he brought this tribe of Modified to them, and he brings Gil along with him. The other members of the tribe who made it are kept in one place, as their intentions are not yet understood.

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