Summary- W01.E03- Best Served Cold


There was once a man from the past who was part of the team that developed the virus that would target those genetically modified. He was a family man, and part of military intelligence. The virus was determined too extreme a solution and locked away behind firewalls of security. When the satellites fall out of the sky, this man’s family is on a plane (which at this time are piloted by pilot-less artificial intelligence). The plane crashes, and his family dies.

His reaction is that of anger and revenge. He attempts to hurt the genetically modified generation as he believes it was their fault, and he is captured and imprisoned for this. However, capital punishment is no longer a thing as the world has progressed to mental rehabilitation. Instead, his body is frozen in cryogenic stasis, and his mind is subject to visual stimuli meant to rehabilitate his perspective of the modified.

As society continues to break down, the system running the rehabilitation of cryogenically frozen prisoners is compromised, and the visual images being exposed to this individual’s mind falters and produces only two images after one another- the satellites falling out the sky, and an image of the genetically modified. For hundreds of years, these images being shown back to back have reinforced to this man that the two are one and the same, the modified are at fault for the satellites coming down, for the death of his family, and for the decline of civilization.



There is a tribe that is having a tough time. They are scavengers, like the other tribes around them. However, they live quite close to another tribe which has been getting the lion’s share of their shared resources. They start to explore the areas a little further from them to try to find a place that they can thrive without competition with this other tribe. During this journey, they come across an old prison, stocked with unperishable food, and shelter in the form of hundreds of rooms with beds, windows, and roofs. There are also plenty of activities such as sports fields and equipment, which they take delight in playing their own games in.

One day, whilst exploring this prison they’ve made their home, they come across a pod, which they accidentally activate, and release our previously cryogenically frozen man.

He slowly becomes part of the tribe, but still, a pariah that is different than the rest, and perhaps more dangerous. One day, he offers his advice on how to get more resources- let the other tribes scavenge, then take what they’ve collected. This works so effectively that the tribe begins to go to this man for advice on how to deal with things. He eventually works his way to a position of trust and begins to control the tribe and dominate them. He drills them using the police riot gear available at the prison, using the sports fields and equipment to get them to work as a unit.

Using shock and awe tactics, our ‘jock’ tribe begins to dominate the area, taking away from those other tribes that scavenge to survive. It is this tribe that attacks our protagonist tribe eventually, causing them to become refugees that flee towards El Dorado Mall.



When Gil leads our protagonist tribe away from the model home, the ‘jock’ tribe moves in, and our previously cryogenically frozen man finds the Corporation Incorporated Hologram. After hearing its message, a memory comes back to him of a Research and Development base that was built underneath El Dorado Mall to test out pilot programs on the consumer population above. He also remembers that there is a hologram at this base that is hardwired into the Corporation Incorporated system, meaning that he can access the virus he helped develop to wipe out those with the modified marker, despite the fact that the satellites have fallen out of the sky.

However, this base is being used as a home by another group- the unmodified. And this hologram is their keeper of knowledge- Holly.



Our man out of time will find the members of the unmodified tribe that are hardline in their perspective against the modified. He will convince them to give him access to Holly, and this will lead to internal strife in the unmodified tribe, which will break them in two- those who wish to help this man and wipe out the modified, and those who wish to co-exist.

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