Taleweaver Recommendations (W01.E02)

Hello, Taleweavers.

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who listened to the second episode of our first world. Additionally, we’re so grateful that so many of you actually participated in the forum and both contributed your own ideas, as well upvoted those you enjoyed. Last night, we recorded the third episode, and we took the most upvoted recommendations from the forums and integrated them in:

What do you guys think about a plotline, in which someone is trying to steal holy, and obtain the knowledge of the elders?

– Ricardo Miguens


THE UNMODS HISTORY: What was the percentage of the people that followed the illegal act of not get mutated? I assume that 1% of the population would be enough for the world as we know it not to collapse. So my guess would be that it was at the scale of one in a hundred thousand. That makes 7000 people across Europe or 3000 people in USA etc. Not getting mutated is one thing. Willing to find an unmod significant other and achieving to do this -given the lack of information on the problem in the early years- is another. 

But what was the agenda of these people in the early days? to survive, to find other unmods to reproduce, to protect their culture and to maintain the basic technological knowledge (although “technology” would have been a really bad term in their tribe after this disaster). So, a doctor would have tried to educate other unmods to execute basic medical acts, like basic diagnostics; maybe he preserved what he considered basic medical books that could be taught to the next generations. The same would go for an engineer, a baker, a teacher, a tailor, a priest, a soldier or a mason. So, this tribe knows to do basic things, even if they know a “twisted” version of what we are calling today common knowledge.

As the years pass, they might found other unmods wandering but also bad things happened (natural disasters or plagues) that effectively kept the number of the tribe same. Attacks from other tribes wouldn’t really harm them, due to their intellectual superiority and possession of weapons. So, what are their goals now? I guess after 6+ generations most of them are being now very pessimistic about reconstructing a modern society. Their attempts to cooperate with mods were unsuccessful due to mod’s lack of commitment and sense of responsibility. Some others think that they should use the mods as slaves (an army of 12 years-olds in adult bodies? – but I guess this is exactly what the cryo-rich guy did with the Jock-Rebels tribe) in order to rebuild. Others just still hope…

General comment: I feel that you should first explore the background of each tribe before committing yourselves to certain events. The background and motivation of each tribe will give you enough of a foundation to build on the characters and their own agendas. Once again, congrats on your excellent work!

– hgnostop

Congratulations to Ricardo Miguens and hgnostop on having their ideas officially upvoted into becoming part of the story. Look out for W01.E03 releasing on February 18th, 2018 to check out how we forged your ideas into our shared world.

For everyone else interested in seeing the full conversation on the forums, you can check it out here!

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