Summary- W01.E02- The Meeting of the Three


It turns out that Gil has actually discovered the model house a long time before her tribe was attacked by their aggressive neighbors. She had been using it as a hideout and a stash for the things she scavenged during her scouting trips that she did not want to share with the rest of her tribe. Once our protagonists were attacked though, Gil was quick to lead them to the relative safety of her hideout.

The elder of the tribe, who wears a card-like charm around his neck, recognizes the same symbol on his charm on the central dais of the model house. He then activates the dais which is what points them in the direction of El Dorado and their promised future.

A few days before the raid that eventually sets them on their track, Gil visits the overgrown zoo that is close to her hideout to visit a raven she has befriended. Whilst feeding the raven bits of food, and having a conversation with it, Gil hears a noise coming from nearby.



It turns out that a strain of people continues to exist who are descended from renegades that did not partake in the genetic manipulation before the regression of humankind. As a result, they strive to find more like them and to find and preserve as much human knowledge from before the regression that they can. Their aim as a society is to bring back a semblance of what civilization was before. As a rite of passage, they send out the young adults of their society to scavenge and return with a piece of historical knowledge.

Enk is on his rite of passage, and he has more to prove than anyone else. Several generations back, his great-grandfather was one of the genetically modified, and over several generations of breeding with the unmodified, the recessive gene has shown itself again in Enk. He wants to bring back honor to his family line. So he goes further out than any in his society have before, comes across this abandoned zoo, where he finds a pop-up book that makes various animal sounds (previously stored in the Zoo gift shop and powered by solar energy- to teach kids about the environment).

Enk accidentally activates one of the animal sounds in the book, attracting the attention of the nearby Gil, as well as a lurking predatory animal…



The sound brings Gil and Enk together where they immediately enter a state of friction by Enk questioning who Gil is, and her failure to respond to him. He follows her until he corners her and proceeds to ask who she is, again and again. However, it seems Enk has cornered himself as well, as he turns to find a predator animal approaching. Enk attempts to fight off the creature and protects Gil from it, but receives a nasty gash which bleeds profusely and he soon loses consciousness. Gil finds, in Enk’s backpack a device which her tribe uses to create sounds to fend of hunting animals (such as an alarm or mp3 player with a large speaker). She uses it to scare off the unwelcome third and is faced with the decision of leaving Enk or helping him. She decides to take care of him and helps close up his wound, and nurse him back to consciousness. However, whilst returning this sound-making device, Gil discovers the book in Enk’s backpack, is attracted to it, takes it, and hides it in her satchel.



The genetically unmodified tribe is facing internal strife and division- there are those who blame the genetically modified for the state of humanity and those that believe that they were victims and would like to interact with them.

Eventually, the plot will escalate from the conflict between our protagonist tribe and their aggressive neighbors to split the genetically unmodified tribe in two. One side will join with the man woken up from cryogenic stasis who reveals that all the genetically modified have markers in their DNA sequence that could be targetted by a specific virus, and he can release it if he gets access to the Corporation Incorporated computer system at the El Dorado Mall. The other side of the ‘un-mods’ side with the ‘mods’ to help them survive, and eventually build a cohabitated society with them, were they are governed by members of both classes in order to preserve human ambition and desire for progress, but constantly check it with the innocence and humanity of a younger, uncorrupted mind.

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