Taleweaver Recommendations (W01.E01)

Hello, Taleweavers.

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who listened to this first episode of the podcast. Additionally, we’re so grateful that so many of you actually participated in the forum and both contributed your own ideas, as well upvoted those you enjoyed. Last night, we recorded the second episode of the first world, and we took the most upvoted recommendations from the forums and integrated them in:

I was thinking maybe 300 years down the line, in a time where several generations of “teenage” adults live and procreate, so there’s no one with any memory of the past or how the world once functioned. Except that there are small groups or what we could call “rebels” of the past, who refused genetic modification and procreated naturally, illegally. The problem is that they can’t couple with the genetically modified because they have the weaker gene. So in order to save humanity, they search for “normal” humans, like them, and try to copulate to reestablish a somewhat mature civilization and ensure genetic diversity (prevent genetic defects from inbreeding too much). Maybe towards the end of the story, Gil and his team could find one of these groups of people and learn about how the world once was…. And their big plans of making it great again… the end…

– Deema Nuseir

Gil doesn’t need to be good or wise: I would like to see her making silly or “immoral” decisions; I can relate better with the character in this way :)) but she must keep improving herself…

– hgnostop

Congratulations to Deema Nuseir and hgnostop on having their ideas officially upvoted into becoming part of the story. Look out for W01.E02 releasing on February 4th, 2018 to check out how we forged your ideas into our shared world.

For everyone else interested in seeing the full conversation on the forums, you can check it out here!


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