Summary- W01.E01- El Dorado

It is the near future, and the advent of genetic manipulation is upon us. Geneticists are now able to customize the genetic sequence of embryos in the early stages of development. So, naturally, the world falls in line with this latest advancement of biology. It isn’t until 15 years later that we realize that the genetically modified teenagers aren’t developing at the rate that is considered normal. It is not that they lack intelligence, but lack the discipline, maturity, and motivation traditionally expected of adulthood.

Then, a cataclysm occurs- once theorized by NASA scientist Donald J Kessler and his Kessler Syndrome- a speck of space junk collides into another creating more space junk, driving a satellite off its course, and crashing into another satellite, creating devastation in earth orbit.

And now, the world is filled with our future progeny- the genetically modified children without the desire or perhaps capability to rebuild.

Our story begins a few hundred years from that point (exactly when isn’t known yet). A tribe of people living in the collapsing remains of humanity’s pinnacle comes into contact with another tribe with a more aggressive nature. Unlike the other tribes they had previously come into contact with which were of a communal and scavenging nature, this group raids and takes the things they need from those around them, armed in modern sports gear, with helmets, shoulder pads, baseball bats, and so on.

Our tribe loses so much they decide to leave, becoming refugees and taking to the unexplored lands around them in search of security and a new home. In this tribe, we meet a child named Gil. Gil is the tribe’s scout and is adept at going out for long periods of time and coming back with useful items, which she shares with her community. Often times, these items are remnants from their past (our modern day), and it takes the members of the tribe most adept at certain tasks (such as building, hunting, cooking, etc) to find uses for these various items that provide such wonder to our ignorant nomads. The most useful of these items are marked with a symbol which they do not understand and provides no significance to them.

Along their journey, our tribe comes to an abandoned house- an old model house, once fixed with all the conveniences of an advanced society at ease, which has since been run down. Whilst there, they come across a central dais, which they accidentally activate to be greeted by an oracle made of moving semi-translucent light who tells them “For all of life’s conveniences, come to El Dorado Mall”. The oracle disappears and is replaced by a logo made of light. Our tribe recognizes this logo as the same symbol that has adorned the few but wonderful things that Gil has scavenged that have helped their tribe prosper in the past.

Finding out more about El Dorado Mall- it’s defensible location, it’s invaluable treasure of conveniences- pushes our tribe into believing that it is the place that provides everything they need, a place that they must find and make their home. They believe that it is their Promised Land.


The aggressive tribe that initially raided our protagonists was just a regular tribe in the past. In scavenging, they came across a cryogenic pod, which when activated proved to contain a person from the past. This man, armed with the discipline, maturity, and motivation that we expect from adulthood, organized and rallied the once passive community into the dominant force in their region- preying on others, whilst ultimately trying to find a bastion of the past. In trailing our refugee tribe, they find out about the existence of El Dorado Mall, and begin making their way there as well, setting up an eventual final stand between the two communities that clashed in the beginning of our story.

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